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What in the world ever happened to our fireworks ???

Welcome!  To Edgewater Park

 Before I get started I like to say this is not the official website of the Ohio State Parks,  nor is it affiliated with the state of  Ohio... Ah but yes,  this the same Edgewater Park that is located on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio and along beautiful lake Erie.  Please bare with me with the development of this site,  because this site will be constantly evolving with corrections, updates and revisions.  I am the websmith of this site. This website is for information only, for the general public. and is paid for by me.

. Why this website?         

Because Edgewater is about people and their recreational pursues. and you may not know it, but Edgewater has a surprising amount of wildlife.  As you wander through this site I will validate my observations. Edgewater also has such a diverse mix of cultures,  races, and life styles, these are real people, with real stories.  This site will focus on Edgewater Park and not their stories. This site has no particular political or religious axe to grind. It's just a place where people can come together and see what's happening in the parks!  and.....

 If you  want to know more about paragliding and especially at Edgewater                                                                          
click your way to > site info and photos  these are the most beautiful photos  yet of  the park..........  photographer ... Jon Kelly !



To days Edgewater Park offers a wide range of recreational activities from fishing ,swimming, pick nick areas, there are also an eight lane  public boat launching  area. Along with these amenities Edgewater has a marina, the Edgewater Yacht Club, a fishing pier and  is part of the Bike way that stretches from west side of Cleveland to points east.

Feel free to...

..sign the Guestbook when you finish wandering through this site. you can notify me as to any corrections to this site. When the Contact Page is up and running. You can E-mail me at   There will be a Poll form to fill out about this site. and Edgewater Park itself. Issues like, are there to many sea gulls at the park?  And there will be a What's Happening Now Board

A word for out of state visitors...

If you  looking for things to do...  or if you got some business at the Cleveland  Clinic and have some down time in between appointments or visits. There are many attractions people can see in the city of Cleveland. or see But don't forget to come out and  visit  Edgewater Park, I will kept you informed on events in the park.. just scrolled down this page a look under the list of coming events.

Oh yeah...... before you leave  check out the cork board this where you, your family and/or your organization can post announcements or information. Be sure to check with the park office as to rules, and regulations; when ever you  planning an event.( Park telephone 216-881-8141)   And will see that Edgewater Park is :

you are visitor Number        and thanks FOR THE VISIT


For  the naturalist  2oo6  spring schedule for programs  held at Edgewater State Park just click  this

 The Park Pride Passes won't go into effect.. at least not this year   


      A Revol with a cause

This is Sandy and Matt  they're in the midst of trying to win a Revol Cell-Phone and all the Amenities .... They  came up with this gimmick  to Promote  Revol   ..... A very Novel Ideal ! ay....And they also solicited the help 0f the State's Pigeon Population... Good Luck  !  If you want to know more about Revol just click Revol

All roads lead to somewhere and I'm a sure you can get to Edgewater Park by water too!.. long as that water leads to an open sea.. please bare with me again.. Now that I know how to make a map, the next  one will be much more definitive and sharper...   And thanks to John Cutrone for getting me started with this map.

For a Bird's eye view of Edgewater Just click here,  and to get directions to Edgewater Park from your starting point, use 6500 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway 44102.  This  address will take you to the lower entrance.

  Downtown Cleveland at night this photo was given to  me by a park visitor it was taken just west of the fishing pier, I didn't have a twilight photo of Cleveland and the picture is very much appreciative.

If you  looking for a place to eat and  want to eat really healthy. please consider the Liquid Planet,  its not too far from Edgewater Park...  you will find the decor is very pleasing, and the meals very reasonably priced. and most of all it's healthy eating.  Located at 11002 Clifton Blvd, Cleveland

Telephone no. 216.631.2266

If you want to see More photos of Kite Fest 2005 click encore                    


Edgewater Fishing Report

date and time last updated:

what kind of fish:



what kind of bait:

What's Doing in July and August

sport festival > Aug. 12,& 13 2oo6

  July 29, 2006

Gift of Life Walk    > August 26, 2oo6


Waltzing with the rocks  


 This is Dan, Mark, and Rob doing the Visit remarkable negotiation of the rip-rap at Edgewater park. I'm also supplying a link to  if you want more information    



This temperature is taken right at Burke Airport... And you may not know it, but there are differences in temperatures between the lake shore; and the rest of greater Cleveland. For boaters and kite enthusiast click wind data for wind speeds, and wind directions taken every 15 minutes right at Edgewater. If you want a still more concise forecast at Edgewater click, I'll hook you up 
Walleye Central
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                      Favorite Links

Ohio Society For The Elevation Of Kites

The Buckeye Trail

The Fish wrapper

march of the penguins

Cleveland  Lakefront State Park

         Photo of the week     

Just caught this lovely family enjoying the park along with their K-9 member March 25, 2oo6

        by popular  demand Dave the horn guy

I was glad to see Dave The Horn Guy visit Edgewater State park. He brought a one man sense of merriment day and lifted my day.... Click on Dave  and he will tell you his story and tell you what he is all about.












Look at my online photo album filled  seasonal pictures of Edgewater Park and how the seasons bring about changes and different folks. And in many cases the same folks all season long

Other Coming Events:

*Northeast Ohio SPCA Inc.....will be having  its 2nd Annual  New Leash on Life Dog walk ......May 6, 2006  time >8:am to 12 noon
(216) 351-7387                                   
9555 Brookpark Rd
Cleveland, OH 44129   what's doin?  well... pet photos from Rice Photography, 5o/5o raffle, pet Contests, face painting
....................and much much more

*Cleveland State Rugby Match > April 1st and 8 th 2oo6 at 11am and 5pm           ~~~~~~~~

*Remembering Ray> Happening on May 7th 2oo6....there will be plaque dedication, live- music, speakers, planting of flowers. kite display, ecumenical worship ...also food and drink... (it is not known if the refreshments are going to be sold) ....sponsored by Franklin Circle Church    ~~~~~~~~

*Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon> passing through on May 21, 2oo6 if you want to register for the run. click link                                            

               What Events are coming up!

 WJW, FOX 8 ClevelandKenny Crumpton

 Kenny Crumpton :

*The 12 th Annual Indian Pow Wow  >will be held June 16th, 17th. 18th 2oo6  American Indian Education Center. Note: The American Indian Powwow is a wonderful cultural event,  educational and a fun event for the whole family

*Corporate Challenge final event day > Aug. 6,2oo6

*Cleveland Kite Festival >Sept. 9th and 10th 2oo6


* Billy Bass Run                   

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