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 There are three pieces of art located in the upper area of Edgewater Park,  The Wagner Statue, The Conrad Mizer Memorial Fountain, and  The Dansa Sculpture. All three are currently being refurbished.  Herman N. Matzen is sculptor of Mizer Monument and The Wagner Statue.  Also he has several statues he created located downtown. namely the statues at the Cuyahoga Court House. Mr. Matzen die in 1938. The Dansa Sculpture, was created by Charles Ginnever in 1981 date of installation is unknown.

This is the Conrad Mizer Memorial Fountain   

  Conrad Mizer was an every day Kind of guy  (he was a tailor) He stress and work tirelessly on having concerts in public parks. The  faded out inscription reads: Conrad Mizer/Founder of Public Park Concerts/1856-1904. click John A. Kiener  and read more of Conrad Mizer .  Mr. Kiener worked as a reporter for The Cleveland Press and wrote this article on August 8th 1979

Good Move Conrad !  Good Move


                 The Dansa Sculpture

The Dansa Sculpture is the last artistically structures to be added to the upper area of Edgewater. It was sculpted sometime in the early nineteen-eighties. I will update this sculpture as I get the information. The sculpture weights 18 thousand pounds



  Oh yeah, there  is another category  of art work at Edgewater, that I almost forgot; and it is seen  from time to time. And its what I call beach art. This art is sometimes the best..  this picture  represents just a small  portion   of some of the beach art, I have witnessed . Some of the art is  quite extensive, and unique. And naturally the artists is usually unknown >


 <  Richard Wagner Statue

This statue is located at upper Edgewater..
It is of German composer Richard Wagner
 Dedicated on October 11, 1911                                                                     I will call this piece A Frozen Sculpture

 Artist Barton: I will get back with you  about this piece of art work. it has an interesting story behind it. This Stone sculpture is located  at lower Edgewater just east of the fishing pier that  juts out in to lake Erie... it is in and amongst the rip rap                                                                                                                             

This is Doug I caught him in a inspirational moment. He is one of many very talented artist who comes to Edgewater.  This photo was taken at the highest point of the park. Which is the buff above Perkin's Beach adjacent to Edgewater Drive.

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