Breast Cancer Walk 2005




Thanks to the folks of Cleveland and surrounding communities the Breast Cancer Walk  was a tremendous success! More than 2000 walkers came out to Edgewater Park and collectively raised over $100,000 for the fight against breast cancer. This money will be used to support American Cancer Society Program such as:
  • Breast Cancer Research- The American Cancer Society is the largest not for profit contributor to the breast cancer research other than the federal government. With the help if  Strides, the American Cancer Society has awarded approximately $246 million to breast research grants since 1972
  • Research to Recovery- Provides support and information for individuals concerned about breast cancer from someone who has been there - a breast cancer survivor
  • Look Good Feel Better-  Helps cancer patients address the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment. Licensed cosmetologists provide skin care, head coverings and make-up tips to women undergoing cancer treatment.  the sessions can help women regain a sense of self-confidence and control over their lives.
  • B.E.S.T. (Best Education, Screening & Treatment)  Provides free mammograms and some diagnostic breast cancer screening for uninsured , low income women
    Tell a Friend- Encourages volunteers to reach out to women 40 and older to encourage them to obtain mammograms and to discuss the importance of mammograms, clinical breast exams, and breast self-exams in detecting breast cancer.

  • Breast Cancer Education- The American Cancer Society aims to educate the public on steps they can take to prevent breast cancer and the importance of early detection.


  • I wish to thank Mike McElroy  for taking these picture while I was on vacation                                                                      

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