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The Cleaning and Restoration of all.......

three art works began in late August, and is looking great! The Wagner statue seems to have a glow of its own when the morning sun strikes it. and  it looks like someone finally washed the face of Conrad Mizer

The Conrad Mizer Memorial Fountain also will received a plaque with the same inscription (Conrad Mizer Founder of Public Park Concerts) instead of  trying to restoring the lettering. The fountain will not be operation able. On June 13. 2005 the last of restoration of the Conrad Mizer was completed and the plaque was added. 

            Note: if you look at the plaque real good you will see the letter v  is used instead of the letter U  this is because the letter v was consider more of a classical form of writing and this form writing was inscribed on the original memorial  fountain.

Rounded Rectangular Callout: whew! thanks for cleaning my face poppy


  The McKay Lodge, Inc. began cleaning the statues up in late August of 2004 and is continuing as I update this site. The statues were clean up in much the same way as sand blasting. but particle of glass were used instead on sand. The Miser Memorial Fountain faces east, as does the Wagner Statue, this leads me believe that the park activities was east of the statues . and  the statue area was a corridor or at a place least  where quite a bit of foot traffic  passed through.              


The acquirement of eight new Red Oak trees was the latest addition to the park and there was a multi-million bank stabilization project just completed in 2004


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