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  Now, just a little bit of history....

  •  Edgewater Park came into being in 1894, it was either bought by the City of Cleveland from Jacob B. Perkins, or the land was donated to the City of Cleveland by Mr. Perkins.  Recreational improvements such as a bath house, a pavilion, tennis courts, picnic areas was added.  Edgewater is divided into two areas, there is a upper area that comprises everything west of the sled hill. (see map on the homepage) and the lower area which includes beach. yacht club and marina. essentially everything east of the sled hill. I don't know when the tunnels were added , but they were added in an efforts to give people access to the park. Which was divided by Bulkley Road, or Cleveland Memorial Shore way. ( Bulkley Boulevard was the precursor to Cleveland Memorial Shoreway) As I update this information, it will become more historical accurate.


  • This is a picture of the bathhouse that was located at Edgewater Park

Built in 1911 it was the cat's meow of Cleveland. In those days, the lake level was much higher and the water came up to the bathhouse. The bathhouse fell into disrepair and neglect due to budge problems in the nineteen thirties. And the building  was razed in the early nineteen fifties


  This is a picture of Mr. Jacob B. Perkins

     Mr. Perkins was Cleveland industrialist and lived in the area what is now called Edgewater Park. At one time the whole beach was know as Perkins Beach. To day Perkins Beach is the area west of the main swimming beach. Mr. Perkins died in 1936



                                                                                                                                                                          This is a image of Bulkley Boulevard

Some Edgewater History

       I included this pictures under Edgewater History until I get a more Permanente place to put  these pictures. These pictures were given to my by Tom and Jackie  Bolents of Horizon Texas. These pictures were found in a photo album at least 20 years ago in Erie, Pa. trash dumpster.  In  the words of Tom   "it made me feel bad that someone had thrown it away...... as if to discard their heritage."  These Pictures shows Edgewater Park  back in 1919 it also shows an unidentified family  on the balcony of the old bath house and some beach fun 1919 style. Here are the pictures from  that album         

Over the course of a life time these pictures appeared of Edgewater Park in the Cleveland Press. and made possible through the Special Collections Dept., of Cleveland State University Library 

Taken April 3oth 1966 by Cleve. Press photographer Herman Seid

Sipin some coke

Unnamed boys at the concession stand taken August 2oth, 1935

Thomas H. Cooney

things haven't change much politians are still putting thier unsightly campaine signs in the park....but at lease I haven't seen any of them nailed to a tree.

All aboard to Edgewater Park

this photo was taken in 1934

There is a name under the paint defacement

this Park sign was located at the lower area the name under the paint is Harry L. Davis Sr.

Edgewater Beach Bathers

this picture was take 6-22-27 of Mrs.Reno & Mrs.Dollay

Beach house

this was the entrance in a delapodated condition

Balcony facing the Lake Erie

this shows the balcony just before the building was razed

Worker 1959

same ole problem just a different day



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