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Mnemosyne... Is the Goddess of memory and is of Greek Mythology  

This photo was taken on September 5th. 2004 one of the last days of Cole life. I was asked by a park visitor if I would post his passing away on this site. The person in the middle is Cole, along with wife Glades and his dog Taffy. The other guy ... well I just call him Mr. Edgewater. 


This picture is of Ray Johnson he was the main actuator who established a flower beds amongst the rip rap which is located by the fishing pier at the north parking lot. while you are there you need to take a gander of the rock sculpture which show the terminal tower. Ray passed away on March 19, 2005 . In this picture Ray is huddled with Joan.  I didn't know Ray  that well but . only met him a couple times. but other people told me he was rock solid and a great guy. 

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